Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pediatric asthma, breathing difficulties

It is painful for a mother to see her child endure breathing difficulties.
During the acute phase ensure the child is given the right medication and follow the doctor's instructions. Also, have them tested for allergies.

What else is out there tough, to help this child develop a stronger body, hopefully grow out of, or reduce the number of breathing crisis?

I will try to help you and your child with some dietary recommendations.  
These foods are not substitutes for medical treatments nor do they create incompatibility with drugs or other foods.  Ensure the child in not allergic to the foods, if so, select the alternatives.
.... here we go

Acute phase foods
Add these foods to your child's regular diet, not as substitutes but as often as you can, during his acute phases.
Do not add constitutional foods during this phase unless they overlap anyway
Grains: Barley

Vegetables: Asparagus, bamboo shoot, squash, carrot

Fruit: Grapes, mandarins, mango, mulberries

Drinks: Black tea, barley water

CONSTITUTION enhancing foods
Add to the normal menu on a regular basis, to prevent, control breathing difficulties, to stimulate the organism to cure itself
Grains: Corn, oats
Vegetables: Potatoes, sweet potato, watercress, yam, radish, artichoke, carrots
Fruit: Cherry, grapes, mulberries, plums, mango
Spices: Cinnamon (if child is cold)
Beans: Lentils
Herbs: Sage, thyme, fennel seeds, marjoram, basil, thyme
Nuts: Walnut, pistachio
Fish: Carp, eel, oyster, shark
Meat: Chicken, chicken liver, duck, pork
Dairy: Goat's milk
Teas: Licorice, American ginseng, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint; add to the teas lemon, orange or tangerine peel 
Condiments: Olive oil
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